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Maria Hawkins with 6 Bassendean tenants


Connect manages 11 units at the Hyde Retirement Village in the Town of Bassendean as Community Housing tenancies for people over 60 on low to moderate incomes.


Connect manages Bassendean units following the same guidelines applied to our units in Vic Park. Other 22 units at the Hyde Retirement Village are occupied by lease-for-life-residents.


Eligibility criteria for Community Housing at HRV can be viewed here. Allocation prioritises current residents of the Town of Bassendean and those with a family or social connection with the Town, with special emphasis on single women -- one of the fastest growing cohorts at risk of homelessness both nationally and in Western Australia. 


An application form can be downloaded here.
For more information, please email our Housing Officer or call us at (08) 9361 2904 


Rent at HRV Community Housing units will not exceed 25% to 30% of tenants’ income, plus Commonwealth Rent Assistance, and will be capped at 75% of market value for a similar property in the same area.


At HRV, just like at Vic Park Housing + Hub, Connect provides independent living with a supportive tenancy management. That means tenants need to be able to perform daily tasks and care for themselves, but Connect checks on their physical and mental wellbeing and refer tenants to appropriate external services, if needed.

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