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International Council of Active Ageing

As a member of the International Council of Active Ageing,  the Village Hub utilises the seven Dimension of Active Ageing at  the centre of our programme. 


All of our classes, groups and events link to one or more of the dimensions

Diagram of the 7 Dimensions of Wellness,  Intellectual, Physical, Social, Spiritual, Vocational, Emotional, Environmental

The Village Hub has always had a focus on healthy ageing and social connection for everyone 55+, but our Connect60+ and Q-Connect wellbeing programmes opened our eyes to a more holistic way of looking at healthy ageing.


In these programmes we explored The International Council of Active Aging’s (ICAA) 7 Dimensions of Wellness, being: Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Vocational, Social, Spiritual, and Environmental. Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive and research conducted by Curtin University indicated that the programmes increased motivation, activity levels, and social connection.

The seven dimensions of wellness is weaved into the roots of Connect Victoria Park.  As an organisation passionate about reinventing ageing in the community, we believe that the seven dimensions of wellness is a valuable framework to become a person actively engaged in your own life. The seven dimensions overlap and coordinate with one another to optimise your life – and Intellectual Wellness is one of them.

Now the Village Hub provides an opportunity for ALL members to explore more of the 7 Dimensions of Wellness and, if desired, to measure their own wellbeing at up comming Measurement Days that we will hold throughout the year.


It is easy to try more of the 7 Dimensions! All Village Hub groups and classes are linked to one or more of the 7 Dimensions by colour coding. This will allow members to explore more of the dimensions by simply trying something from every colour of the rainbow.


By attending the  voluntary Measurement Days members can track their own strength, flexibility, balance, agility, and general quality of life, and decide if they need to build on what they’re doing at the Village Hub, or in other parts of their lives.


A life with all of these components is truly a full life.


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