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What's On At The Hub 6/ 5/2024

Measure Your Wellbeing

We're excited to announce that our next Measurement Day is fast approaching! On May 10th, starting at 12 pm, you'll have the chance to track you phsycial and mental wellbeing with Kritika or Vicki. It will be taking a step towards understanding how the Village Hub directly influences your overall wellbeing.

The measuremnets are based on a comprehensive set of measures to track the impact of the Village Hub program on various aspects of your health and lifestyle. From physical fitness to cognitive abilities, emotional wellness, and overall quality of life, we're dedicated to assessing the holistic benefits our community initiative brings.

By scheduling an appointment, you're not only prioritising your own wellbeing but also contributing valuable data that helps us continuously improve and tailor our services to better meet your needs. Take advantage of this opportunity to gain valuable insights into your health journey.

Secure your preferred time slot by visiting our website and selecting a convenient appointment time below:


Be Connected - All About Scams

Join Vicki next week on our next Be Connected Workshop to learn all about scams - how to spot them, avoid them and get rid of them. With scammers getting more clever in their tactics, it's important to stay informed about the potential risks and protect yourself accordingly. By learning about the common signs and methods used by scammers, you'll be better equipped to detect fraudulent activity and avoid falling victim to it.

You'll gain valuable insights into the different strategies scammers employ, such as phishing emails, fake websites, and identity theft schemes and learn practical tips and techniques for safeguarding your personal information and financial assets while navigating the digital landscape.

Please book on the following link:


Wine Appreciation Evening

Try something different at The Hub next month - you will now have the oppurtunity to do some wine tasting with Gerry Prewitt, our neighbour and wine expert. On May 13, Gerry will visit the Hub to share his passion for wines, and the subtleties and nuances of each unique wine. This evening is all about tasting wines that are interesting and exciting, from local grapevines as well as other parts of Australia.

This is an opportunity to delve deeper into the art of wine appreciation, learning about the subtle nuances and complexities that make each wine truly exceptional. Gerry's wealth of knowledge and passion for the subject will illuminate the finer details, allowing you to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the world of wine right in The Hub. Join with your fellow members and friends to share an amazing evening over a glass of wine.

Please register below. Limited places!


What are your thoughts on Mental Health?

Well-known linguist Dr Kate Burridge and her research team will be in Perth from 27 - 30 May - recording 30 minute interviews to study community attitudes to mental health (lived experience of mental health issues is not necessary). Participants so far have found the inteviews a fun and interesting experience.


Using analysis of the kinds of speech we use, this national research project aims to tackle the very unhelpful stigmas surrounding mental health in older people. The team are seeking a few more interviewees from WA - so if you're interested, please see attached flier for more details! 


Interviews will be conducted at Connect Victoria Park on 

  • Mon 27 May from 11 am

  • Wed 29 May all day

  • Thur 30 May from 10 am

Also, the team will visit people in their homes if preferred.


To book an interview spot, please contact Dr Helene Thomas, 0437 046 110



Do You Have A Story To Tell?

The ‘Life in Pictures’ short film competition is a collaborative effort between the Department of Communities, arts organisations, and the community aimed at addressing ageism and promoting positive attitudes towards ageing.

Ageism encompasses stereotypes, prejudices, and discriminatory actions based on age, affecting individuals and society as a whole. Studies reveal that about half of the population holds ageist beliefs, underscoring the pervasive nature of this issue. Notably, ageism can also be self-directed, hindering individuals from engaging in various activities.

We believe our Village Hub Community, as individuals and as groups, have a trove of diverse experinces and perspectives wiating to be shared with the world.  By coming together to tell your stories, you not only celebrate the richness of your community but also embrace your unique voices and experiences, and tell your story, your way.

Please give us a call or email us if you're interested.

Filmmakers of all ages and skill levels are invited to submit films of up to three minutes in length, exploring themes related to ageism or promoting positive messages about ageing.

For more information, go to the following link:


The Menu for Comunity Lunch for the next month is also now out:


Fremantle Eisteddfod

Congratulations to our wonderful Mackie Street Singers who today competed in the Fremantle Eisteddfod in the Open Choir Section. They were awarded 2nd place with a high percentage score. It was great to see so many members of the choir able to participate in the Eisteddfod

The Mackie Street Singers are a community choir who meet our hall on Tuesday evenings open to people of all ages, we are thrilled to have them as part of the Village Hub.

If you are interested in joining the Mackie Street Singers click on the link below for more information



It was all smiles from the Our 55+ Walking Footy Team as we were handed over the West Coast Eagels Walking Footy Cup which has found its new home in the Connect Victoria Park Trophy Cabinet. Check it out when you next visit.

If you would like to join the fun of Walking Footy click on the link below for more information and to register


Next week's Community Lunch on Tuesday, May 7 will be Chicken Parma with Chips and Salad followed byPavlova

Please book on the following link


Special Events Coming Up In May

All About Scams in the next Be Connected Session

Wine Appreciation Evening

Cook and dine with your friends and the community

Explore the South at our next Out N About trip

Learn about Pre-paid funerals and their pitfalls


Special Events Coming Up In June


  • We're looking for volunteers to help us out with our fundraising event. Disco Bingo will be a fun night bingo - with a lively twist. It will merge quiz rounds and bingo rounds with the energy of the disco floor meeting the fun of bingo and a quiz night, and we need people to help us out to make it a success! Please message or give us call if you'd like to volunteer.


Stay Connected and Active

Connect Victoria Park is committed to providing a supportive and engaging environment for our community. We offer a wide range of activities and programs designed to promote social connections, physical well-being, and lifelong learning. Don't miss out on our weekly classes!


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