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What's On At The Hub 15/01/2024

This week at village Hub connect Victoria park

Hi Everyone,

Well we are up and running for 2024 and it was great to see so many of you in the last week.

For those who have been in, we have made some changes to the hall. You will have noticed curtain rails going up around the hall. In the next few weeks we are having new curtains installed on the stage and around the hall. These curtains are being installed to improve the acoustics in the hall. It should make it much easier to hear when there are large numbers of people in the hall all in different conversations. It will also improve sound transfer between rooms minimising the impact on quieter activities of classes with music or people speaking in meetings in adjacent rooms.

We have also just completed an upgrade to our audio system that should make huge improvements to people with hearing difficulties both in classes and larger events.

All of these changers have been made possible by a Stronger Communities Grant with support from our local Federal Member Zaneta Mascarenhas.


Classes Re - Commencing this Week

This week Monika will return with our Tai Chi class on Thursday at 9.30am. Tai Chi offers numerous benefits for older people, promoting balance, flexibility, and muscle strength. Its gentle, low-impact movements enhance joint mobility and reduce the risk of falls. The practice also enhances cognitive function, reduces stress, and fosters a sense of well-being, making it an ideal exercise for overall physical and mental health.

If you haven't tried Tai Chi, give it a go this week. You can book on line by clicking on the following link


Crafty Friends and Coffee Club

Crafty Friends returns on Wednesday morning at 9.30am. Crafty Friends provides a welcoming space for creative expression and social connection. Meeting weekly, it fosters a sense of community and friendship among participants. The craft circle promotes stress relief, skill development, and the joy of crafting together. Joining Crafty Friends ensures a fun, fulfilling, and supportive experience.

For those not inclined toward crafts, the Coffee Club at 10.00am on Wednesday morning offers a warm and relaxed setting adjoining the Crafty Friends. Enjoy friendly conversations, flavorful beverages, and a sense of camaraderie. It's an ideal space for making new friends, sharing stories, and savoring the simple pleasure of good company without the craft focus.


New Class for Rebecca commencing Friday

Our new Strength and Mobility class starting next Friday morning 19 January at 10.30am will replace the Feel Your Best Fitness. Strength and Mobility prioritises fall prevention, pain reduction, and improved mobility.

Our expert instructor Rebecca will guide you through tailored exercises that enhance balance, build strength, and increase flexibility. The program focuses on functional movements, targeting muscle groups crucial for stability and coordination. With a commitment to minimizing the risk of falls and alleviating pain, attendees experience not only physical benefits but also a supportive community atmosphere. The class provides a holistic approach to aging well, fostering overall health, independence, and a renewed sense of vitality for older individuals.

Register for Strength and Mobility on the following link


Chair Yoga with Celesta

We are sorry to announce that Chair Yoga with Celesta will not be returning to the Village Hub in 2024. Celesta contacted us during this week and advised that after looking at her University study load for the year, she was not able to continue to deliver the weekly class. She has however offered to fill in for a class here and there should we require it.

We would like to thank Celesta for her commitment to sharing her knowledge with Village Hub members and friends over the years.

We will continue to offer the Chair Yoga class with Rachel on Tuesdays at 2.30pm. you can book for this class on the following link


Twilight Soiree

Fringe World is coming to the Town of Vic Park this year for the Twilight Soiree. This will be an unforgettable evening of music, cabaret and aerial wonder.

Just before sunset on Saturday 3 February, John Macmillan Park will be transformed into an open-air theatre. Musicians Courtney Murphy, Nikki Dagostino, Mike De Grussa, and Hans Fiance will take the audience on a wild ride for pianistic supremacy in Duelling Pianos.

French Australian circus artist A Line in the Air will wow the crowd with her internationally renowned aerial show, and CAJ Entertainment brings together local and international talent for a unique cabaret performance. This will be a fabulous, free, family-friendly event, with food trucks, a pop-up bar, and an exciting variety of entertainment.

We have had some interest in having a group of Village Hub members attend this event together. If you are interested in joining others from the Village Hub, email us on the following link or speak to Vicki or Kritika to add your name to the list - it's a Fringe experience you can't miss.


Some Diaries Still Available

We have had a huge uptake on the 2024 Elder Rights WA Diary, but we still have some left. Keep all of your appointments and important dates in one place! in Elder Rights WA 2024 Diary. Not only is it a useful A5 size diary big enough to see clearly and with 1 week to each double page view, but it is also crammed with useful information about Planning for your future, Aged care services and information, Age discrimination, protecting your finances and more...

Get yours or one for a friend while they last. Available at reception.


Community Lunch

Community Lunch this week, Tuesday 16 January will be Fish Mornay and Vegetables followed by Cassata and Fruit Salad.

Please register for Community Lunch on the link below:


Stay Connected and Active

Connect Victoria Park is committed to providing a supportive and engaging environment for our community. We offer a wide range of activities and programs designed to promote social connections, physical well-being, and lifelong learning. Don't miss out on our weekly classes!

See you in the week

Your Village Hub Team


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