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Walken - Vic Park Pride's Rainbow Zebra Visits the Hub

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

This week we are excited to be playing host to our friend Walken. We first met Walken last year in Pride month when we gave him a lift down Albany Highway before spending a few days with us at the Village Hub. We are thrilled to see Walken return for a brief visit during Pride Month this Year.

Walken is the Noongar word for Rainbow and he has become the Vic Park symbol for LGBTQI+ Pride. Since we last met Walken has become the subject of a gorgeous book about self acceptance through embracing our uniqueness and celebrating differences.

You can find out more about the book entitled Walken on the link below

Walken attended the Mackie Street Singers rehearsal last night ....

...Spent some time at coffee club this morning ....

..and even checked out some of the bargains for this Sundays garage sale which is part of the Garage Sale Trail and open to all members of the public

Vicki Potter

Village Hub Coordinator

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