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Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual wellbeing can be so much more than just cognitive skills. It can look like participating in creative pursuits, painting, engaging in conversation and exploring different viewpoints, trying new hobbies, and challenging yourself with games and puzzles. Being intellectually active and setting goals for yourself can help you feel more fulfilled and enhance not only your mental but also your physical wellbeing

Chapters Creative Writing

At the Village Hub, we have created a community in which you can learn and explore new things in a welcoming environment.  Joining our monthly Hub Book Club or our creative writing group, Chapters, can help you do something out of your ordinary interest and build a community of people to discuss, deliberate and have spirited conversations with. Our Mahjong group that meets every Wednesday morning is a great way to learn a new game and build neural pathways in your brain. Crafty Friends and Art Classes is another great way of stimulating your mind, by creating with your hands and their many nerve sensations. 

Be Connected Workshops are a way to learn about using technology and navigating it independently.  Even our dance classes can be a great way to utilise your mind and body connections - classes such as

Line DancingBallroom Fit and Zumba can improve spatial memory and build nerve growth factors.


People who attend to their intellectual wellness find that they are more aware, have improved memory and better critical-thinking skills - having these qualities becomes even more important as we grow older.


Recognising your interests and seeking out ways to use your mind and intellectual capacity in a form that is engaging and sustainable can transform the way you age.

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