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A well-established not-for-profit community organisation, Connect Victoria Park Inc has been active for over 60 years in Victoria Park. Until 2015 we were known as the Senior Citizens’ Welfare Association.

Connect Victoria Park collaborates with older people to increase wellbeing and to support ageing in community. We use a Housing + Hub model to achieve that.   The Housing + Hub model is an innovative solution to address social isolation, health needs of an ageing population, and the housing crisis for low income older people, especially older single women.

Our Community Housing – 70 studio apartments and one-bedroom units on Mackie and Cargill Streets in Vic Park – was built over three decades starting in the 1960’s. Since then it has provided for the most fundamental humans needs – safety and security – to generations of older people.

Our Village Hub, which operates from our community centre on 5 Mackie Street, offers ways for people 55+ to pursue other needs – belonging and love, social connection, self-esteem and purpose. Tenants in our housing are automatically members of the Village Hub. 

Established in 2018, the Village Hub is the first of its kind in Western Australia, with more than 300 members. It is an outlet for members and tenants to find others with similar interests, strike friendships, run groups around activities of interest, and support each other as they age.  Being part of the Village Hub has increased members quality of life over the years. It brings people together, reinforcing community bonds and greatly benefitting our Community Housing tenants.

People outside the Village Hub


Collaborate with older people to increase wellbeing and support ageing in community by providing housing and services.


Connect Victoria Park Inc is known as the leader in delivering social housing and services that promote wellbeing in older people in the Perth metropolitan area

Garden path at Connect Community Housing


Respect:  We value the leadership, lived experience and wisdom of older people.

Inclusive:  We actively work to ensure older people of all backgrounds and abilities feel a sense of belonging.

Resilience:  We believe all older people should have the opportunity to develop their physical mental and emotional wellbeing and enjoy the associated benefits this brings.


Compassion:  We care for each other regardless of age or background and provide support in times of need.


Integrity:  We take full responsibility for our actions and are honest in all our interactions. 

People in the park listening to to speeches at the Villagee Hub 5th Birthday





Our impact and ability to positively contribute to the wellbeing of older people in our community will continue to grow.


  • Build the Capacity of our housing service to respond to growing community need by exploring opportunities in the Inner South East metropolitan area to access land and/or established housing stock for expansion of our Housing and Hub model.

  • Explore new initiatives to empower and address the disadvantage experienced by older people that complement our services.

Green Buildings



Strategically manage our resources to maximise impact and build economic, social and environmental sustainability in our operations.


  • Explore opportunities to improve the quality of our existing housing stock and extend its usefulness

  • Contribute to a truly sustainable community.

Government Building



Deliver our Mission and Vision with effective and accountable governance


Ensure management processes and policies are regularly reviewed and updated as necessary so they are exceeding minimum industry standards for registered Community Housing Providers.

Image by krakenimages



To be known in the communities we operate in for understanding and responding to community needs. 


Build community awareness of and support for Connect's Housing Service and Village Hub, including increased membership and sponsorship.

Public Demonstration



Demonstrate the unique ability of our Housing and Hub model as an approach to support Healthy Ageing in Community that is able to be replicated in other communities.


Support the development of Village Hubs in other communities through partnerships, consultancy support and knowledge sharing.

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