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About Connect, Victoria ParkA well-established community organisation, Connect Victoria Park of WA Inc. has been active for 60 years in Victoria Park. Until 2015 we were known as the Senior Citizens’ Welfare Association.

Connect Victoria Park’s twofold mission is to provide access to affordable housing for low income people over 60, and to create opportunities for older people to connect with each other and build a sense of community.

In addition to residential units on Mackie and Cargill streets, we run a well-known community venue, The Homestead, on 5 Mackie Street.

At The Homestead you can attend regular fitness and exercise classes, a creative writing group, meet others to go for a walk or a bike ride, have lunch with friends every Tuesday and a delightful sundowner on the last Friday of every month. We run special and one-off events to help people age successfully and create meaningful connections.

Since January 2018, we have been implementing Western Australia’s first Village Hub, building a community of people 55+ who help each other, share knowledge and skills to be able to enjoy full and purposeful lives.

The Village Hub's 18 month evaluation showed our members enjoy high quality of life and benefit from social connection.

At The Homestead, members of the Village Hub can access the Help Centre, find other members or volunteers to assist with small tasks, and help shape how this community evolves into the future. Learn more and become a member of the Village Hub

Connect Victoria Park