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We often say 'it takes a village to raise a child'. It is also true that it takes a village for all of us to have a healthy, rewarding life. This is particularly true as we age.

At Connect Victoria Park, we want to turn our town into a village and involve as many locals as possible in contributing to older people living healthy, engaged, independent lives in the neighbourhood we all love.

Our goal is to put neighbours in touch and make it easier for people living locally to reconnect and help each other out like we used to do in small villages - Vic Park is perfect for that!

So we invite you to come and lend a hand, connect with your neighbours, help us at the Village Hub, cook community meals or get jobs done around our housing units.

To volunteer with us, we ask that you join as a Friend of the Village Hub by filling out an application and attending one of our short monthly inductions. We are required to ask for a National Police Clearance and offer volunteer insurance, and this will be covered by your yearly membership fee of $20.

If you already are a member of the Village Hub you don't need to sign up as a Friend or pay anything extra, just get in touch.

After a quick induction, you will be able to tell us your availability and choose how you would like to help. Let's turn our town into a Village!

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Neighbour to neighbour volunteer

The Village Hub facilitates genuine connections between neighbours.

Through our volunteer matching system, neighbours can ask for help, as well as offer to help their neighbours, be it with pet care, small gardening and handyman tasks, computer assistance or companionship.

Community members can also participate. By joining as a Friend of the Village Hub, they can use the volunteer matching system to connect and help older people in Vic Park.

At Connect's
Village Hub

The Village Hub volunteer

Run by members for members, the Village Hub will be successful if all members contribute as fully as they are able to.

Members are encouraged to be part of our Working Group to help shape what's on offer. We also look forward to members suggesting, coordinating and running activities and groups with other members.

The Village Hub also works with volunteers from the community, who help with research, communication and promotion of our programme, as well as IT and tech support

At Connect's Community Kitchen

Community kitchen volunteer

We have commercial kitchen facilities at The Homestead, and our kitchen co-ordinator works closely with volunteers to prepare and serve lunch to Village Hub members every Tuesday.

Tuesdays shifts at the kitchen run from 8.30am to 1.30pm, and you get a free lunch!

We always aim to cook a bit in excess to develop a Community Chest from which local people who are experiencing extreme circumstances can draw a hamper of meals and treats.

At Connect’s Housing Units

Housing volunteer

There is always a variety of maintenance tasks to help with around Connect Victoria Park's housing units, located on Mackie and Cargill Streets, as well as at The Homestead community centre. 

You get to choose how much, how often and when you would like to volunteer your time and skills.

We also run a Gardening Group every Friday, and welcome local Vic Park residents who want to get active outdoors and help us make our grounds pretty and productive.

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